Thursday, August 16, 2007

EnterpriseDB Webinar - From Oracle to EnterpriseDB: An Oracle ACE's Journey

I will be doing a webinar next week, Aug 22 at 1PM Eastern. If you can't make it in real-time, the webinar will be recorded and will be available for viewing afterwards on the web site.

The webinar was announced in the EnterpriseDB press release for my book, EnterpriseDB Announces Availability of Definitive Reference Book.

From the press release:

Lewis Cunningham will describe his progression from EnterpriseDB skeptic to advocate in a live Webinar, From Oracle to EnterpriseDB: An Oracle ACE's Journey, on Wednesday, Aug. 22 at 1:00 p.m. EDT. The Webinar will also feature a step-by-step migration of an Oracle application to EnterpriseDB Advanced Server. To register for the Webinar, please visit

I'm really looking forward to doing this webinar. I did the ODTUG Desktop Conference in 2005. I did a security presentation and an Oracle XE presentation. Those were kind of the same. I will be talking and doing a PPT. Q&A will follow the presentation.

I'm also excited that the book is almost out. I have no idea when it will actually be out but it should happen shortly. I hope you can make the presentation.


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