Wednesday, June 4, 2008

EnterpriseDB Gets a New CEO

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Looks like I have a new boss. Actually, it looks like my boss's boss has a new boss. ;-)

I'd like to personally welcome Ed Boyajian to EnterpriseDB. Looks like he has quite a bit of experience with OSS and monetizing software solutions. He's been an executive at Redhat for a long time. 6 years in his last position but in many other positions before that.

We (EnterpriseDB employees) have known this was coming for a while now. I knew Andy and the board were looking when I was hired. I just now learned the name of the chosen, though. It's always interesting in a company when executive leadership changes hands.

I like Andy (Astor, the ex-CEO) and I'm glad he's staying as the new executive VP of Business Development. I believe that is where his strength (i.e. past experience) lies.

I don't like to touch too much on people or activities where I work. Makes me kind of uncomfortable discussing what is normally private stuff. This is newsworthy though. Anyway, I'll leave this with a quote from the new CEO:

"EnterpriseDB is the worldwide leader in bringing the open source Postgres database to enterprises and developers," said Boyajian. "There is a growing gap between the expensive proprietary database products available today and the entry-level open source alternatives. The Postgres Plus product family fills that gap beautifully. The Postgres open source community is active and talented, and the company has an experienced and enthusiastic team and a compelling roadmap for the future. I am thrilled to have this opportunity to lead EnterpriseDB in its next phase of growth and success."

Exciting times ahead?

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